Edison Lego Rover

Version 5

    At the moment I'm working on the next version of my lego rover robot. It is just a platform to experiment with, but in the back of my mind I have a dust bunny wrangler application.


    I'm using an Intel Edison as the robot's 'Big' brain and an Arduino pro mini for the small brain (motor control). To test (read 'play with') the chassis I've interfaced a Lego PF IR remote to one of the Arduino's analog inputs. I hope to eventually make use of computer vision (including fiducial markers) for navigation of the rover.


    My current sketch for the Arduino pro mini is attached along with the circuit diagrams of the small brain (Cerebellum) and the Lego PF IR interface. The logic level shifter and motor driver shown in cerebellum.pdf are two Sparkfun breakout boards. I'll add more circuit diagrams as I complete them in Eagle.


    mark2_layout.jpg mark2_closed.jpg

    The electronics are done and tested so it is on to programming the Edison. I've played around a bit and so far the Edison has been awesome!