AirTouch Controller #MakeItProChallenge

Version 1

    I would like to develop a general purpose AirTouch Controller. AirTouch is like a regular touchscreen but in the air. Meaning that you don't have to directly click on a icon, instead you just move your hand towards it and click in the air. This could be a hole new way of Human-Machine-Interface which is quite intuitive. It is also possible to use gestures like clicking and swiping/scrolling. At the moment i use the Sharp GP2Y89E01 IR Sensor, because its really cheap, extremely small and does not as much CPU power as a camera to detect gestures since this gives you only the current position of the hand - not the hole picture. Connecting it to the edison, i could develop a system that could connect via Bluetooth to any computer oder smartphone and work as a mouse or a custom controller.


    Use Cases:

    - Connect it to your phone and swipe left/right for the next song while playing music at home. Going up/down with your hand could change the volume.

    - Control your PCs mouse from couch with only one hand.

    - much much more


    This picture is the setup with an Arduino and the attached video shows moving the mouse without any smoothing.


    I already have a working prototype which moves the mouse quite smooth and has scrolling and clicking as gestures implemented. Soon i will also upload a video from that prototype.

    I hope you like my idea - even if it is not 100% thought-out yet, i'm sure i can create something awesome :-)



    Alexander Harlass