SMART DOOR #MakeItProChallenge

Version 1

    Hi everyone.

    I have an idea I would like to make for the #MakeItProChallenge.

    I would like to make a smart door that would have some cool features.

    For starters I would like it to have a greeting on it that would show when someone approaches.

    It would be connected to the internet and you’re phone, so it could change its message according to your    choice (mostly for status update like “not here”, “busy” or “be back in 5 min” etc.)

    It would also be able to detect knocking and send an alert to your phone and computer.

    It would be useful for example when listening to music or watching a movie and you can’t hear the door ball.

    Another thing it would be capable of is to transmit and receive voice, allowing you to speak to the person that knocked, and have the ability to remotely unlock the door.

    For example you’re not at home and the cleaner arrived and don’t have a key.

    Or maybe your kid is home alone, and he’s not allowed to open the door to strangers.

    The door would automatically alert you and let you talk to the other person and decide whether to open the door or not.

    Additional feather the smart door would have is to connected to your google keep and show you reminder or notes before leaving the house or office.

    More cool feathers the door could have for example,

    It could detect a fire alert and let you know about it and allowing you to open the door when not at home letting pets to escape.

    It would also be able to use a proximity sensor mainly used for the greeting, to notice if there is someone standing outside your door for suspiciously long (maybe it’s a thief) and sending a notification to your phone.

    You also wouldn’t have to worry whether you locked the door or not because the door status would be visible on your phone. 

    The entire project would be open source letting developers to add feathers

    Using the smart door sensors, display and internet connection.