Low cost tennis electronic line judge (proposal for MakeItProChallenge)

Version 3


    Electronic line judge proved to be useful in tennis. However, currently available systems are prohibitively expensive for average tennis clubs (around $150K per court).


    Small size, cloud connectivity, computation power and x86-optimized image processing libraries available on Intel Edison module open the opportunity to create low-cost electronic line judge system. The possibility to request electronic evaluation using mobile device running corresponding app could be attractive for players. It should be also a good motivation for tennis clubs to install such system. There are different business models possible. For example, charging users per request, offering monthly subscription, special deals with tennis clubs, etc.


    By positioning several connected Edison-boards with attached cameras around the court it is possible to obtain flying ball images from different view points. Using consumer grade web-cameras with 30 to 60 frames per second video acquisition in conjunction with advanced approximation algorithms might provide an acceptable solution for reasonable price. For the prototype development, two Edison/Arduino Breakout Kit/camera modules will be enough to estimate precision of such system.


    In addition (not a part of this proposal), presence of stationary cameras around the court allows further interesting solutions. For example, it is much easier to navigate autonomous ball collecting robot using external cameras instead of on-board sensors. Such solutions could be offered as a complimentary extensions to the electronic line judgement system.