Realtime Intelligent Devices

Version 3

    Design, Coding and Programming physical devices in real-time over the Internet using browsers based IDE.


    The aim is to teach, explore, research and permit real-time collaboration with physical interactive environment for teaching anyone from age 6+ on how to program and algorithm.


    Kids can be taught and exposed to programming at early stages (kindergarten), Schools and colleges can program real life devices and following a complete algorithm pathway. Educator can provide a stimulating and immersive learning sessions personalized to individual learner's need in an inclusive environment.


    The Intel Edison, Galileo boards will be able to enhance, stretch and challenges learners, educators and researchers while acting as pedagogy tools that facilitate creativity, brainstorming and vehicles for steering innovations and mind-storms of ideas at all levels.


    The Intel boards should find its way into the world of robotics powering but not limited to Vex Robotics, First Robotics, etc... Edison board can replace rcx completely to provide a complete controller with IoT capability. Edison is next future generation controller with IoT connectivity that can be used to augment any devices and turn them into intelligent agents that can interact, sense, react, monitor and response in real-time. We want to prove that all these are achievable at any age level when used programmatically. 


    Note: This will be using:


    •     Intel Edison Board
    •     Intel Galileo Gen-1 and Gen-2
    •     Intel 3D camera