Version 3

    I'm building paperplanes since I'm five years old. Now, at university I noticed that also the students around me like to build those planes.

    Once in a lecture I was able to count over 190 planes! Thats more than 1kg of paper .

    When thinking about this, I noticed that everything was about "who builds the best plane".

    That's the point where Ediplane steps in:

    Ediplane is a small and leightweight module you can directly mount on your own paperplane.

    When launching your construction, the module will transmit a video stream directly to your smartphone, so you can enjoy a perfect view out of your planes cockpit. Additionally it will display you important flight metrics such as speed, altitude and flight time.

    Through the app you will be also able to compete against friends using Facebook or iOS Gamecenter.


    Vote for this project and take off with me!