AD-Matrix - interactive display system

Version 8

    AD-Matrix - interactive display system



    Some time ago I made a clock on the 32x32 LСD matrix. After some time indications became invalid and I added to the clock remote control. Later thermometer. Later a binary clock ...



    Problem description

    Every time then I would like to change the displayed information needed to append and alter the code. Application of the microcontroller is not allowed to split SW levels. Split the SW for use matrix and SW for collecting and preparing information.



    With Edison, we can transform the matrix into a universal interactive display. The platform now allows to receive data from the web service is as easy as with local sources.
    We are going create

    • Web platform for store device configuration, user profile, user application. And provide opportunity users communication: send messages, applications, pictures, animations.
    • Mobile application for access to Web profile and Local Device, and make flexible configuration.
    • Local device software.


    Conception of Multi Mode Local Software

    User can switch device to different software mode. At the moment, we are going to implement the following modes:

    • Configuration Mode. Create physycal connect to Device by WiFi or BT. After connection by onside Web-application or Mobile-application personalise yor device and connect to web accaunt.
    • Multi Slot Display Mode. Aplication managed subprocesses information providers and display results on Matrix. Digital clock, Analog clock, Temperature and Humydy, Stock info, Currency, MailBox info, Social networks info ...
    • Animation Mode. Aplication load to Matrix any pictures or animation adapted to  device resolution.
    • Game Mode. Connect to device GamePad and start simple games like - arcanoid, tetris, pin-pong, worm ...

    But modes and subprocess to list can be appended.


    Concepion of Open Hardware Device

    Main hardware parts of AD-Matrix and addition hardware can be connected to Open Interface Board

    • 32x32 RGB LED Matrix
    • Intel Edison
    • Open Interface Board
      • Edisson connector
      • UART connector for Linux console
      • SPI connector for RGB Matrix
      • I2S and GPIO connectors for local sensors and actuators.