Cupid Bracelets #makeitprochallenge

Version 5

    Imagine you walk into a party and see someone you like. In minutes, without even approching, you can see if he/she likes you back.


    How does it work?

    When you walk in to the party, you get a bracelet.

    the bracelet interacts with our unique smartphone app, where you can see the people around you and mark the ones you like.

    Once someone likes you back, both of your braceletes shows a match.


    How does it look?

    The bracelet consists a set of rgb leds.

    Once a match between two people is found, the leds will light up in a unique color.

    As they approach each other, the bracelets increases its flickering speed.


    Why edison?

    With the Edison embedded, all bracelets can work seamlessly in a mesh network topology to find other bracelets, share their locations and identify matches.

    All processing is done on the bracelet itself which does not hog your phone's battery, and eliminates the need of any extra hardware like servers and routers.


    Support us, and lets go party!