Home Automation Distributed System

Version 7



    The idea submitted in this post is focused on domotics industry where Intel Edison can provide a low-power and very tiny platform which will allow us to create a 24/7 indoor network to increase life quality in our houses. I recommend for you to stop and listen to the video below while just reading.



    Project Definition


    We can think of an edison network of computers (connected between them using their embedded wifi link and an accesspoint) as a high performance system, with incredible scalability features and low power consumption (which might turn to be negative as we further explain our idea).

    Individual computers can be used to intelligently track and manage electricity usage:

    Can you imagine a scenario where in your living room all the machines and electronics and the lights are connected to a bluetooth switch,

    In this particular scenario using the Intel Edison capacities and a person detector it is fairly easy to reduce power consumption by turning off every single consumer in an empty room (posibly excepting refrigerators, freezers)...


    Even nicer would be controlling house temperature by using intelligent window regulators... but that's one step ahead.


    In addition to the intelligent power management imagine how nice will be to have your edison in your house notified by yourself (or even preprogrammed) of your arrival time. Having this information will enable the computer to turn on heating if the weather is too cold or cold air otherwise.


    And even nicer would be for this to be deduced automatically either with the smartphone or even with another intel edison module in the car which can ask politely if you're coming home and in such case if you want your house to receive you with a nice temperature.


    Finally thinking of self sustainable houses, the Edison network seems like a good breakthrough for electricity consumption management, besides being able to control solar power generation by itself, it can also query the house to obtain power parameters which might help with power management (at this point we probably will be able to consume less than what is being generated -or saved- by the intelligent network system).


    Future Work


    The possibilities are endless for such a system network... I can imagine also being able to program certain process in the kitchen (so that food is done when we arrive home or half done at least), log information which in the future will be relevant for physicians for sure (food history, temperature, maybe even radiation, UV incidence, environmental factors...) and whatever you can think of having an intelligent computer network at your disposal in your very home!