Markus - Smart fridge

Version 1

    Markus  << the butler of your fridge >>


    "Put intelligence in your fridge"





    You never knew what to do with the magnets that are on your fridge ... we just found them a function .



    What is Markus ?


    Markus is a smart connected object that you put on the door of your fridge.


    Thanks to an intelligent NFC reader, you will be able to manage your shopping list as the week progresses.



    An example ?


    When you run out of coffee, just pass the coffee magnet to the reader and it will be added to the shopping list.


    You wan’t to cook "Spaghetti Carbonara" , just use the Carbonara magnet and all the ingredients will be added to your list.



    Now you get it ?


    By using magnets, you will add your products and recipes to your shopping list.


    And then, when you are in the supermarket you’ll have everything on your smartphone sorted by shelf.


    Or if you prefer, you just can push a button and get it delivered to you home.



    == > You never will forget the milk again !



    Easy & quick


    Even your child will be able to use his own magnets to add his preferred meals to the list.



    Extra features

    As Markus is in the kitchen, we have some extra features that are going to help you cooking and fight against food waste.




    We would enjoy to participate to the make IT pro challenge


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    Markus Team, from Paris, France