Capsule Just In Time

Version 2

    Hello Everyone,

    A few month ago, we started a project about making an internet connected scale. Today we have a proof of concept prototype that works. We called our projet: Capsule Just in Time

    Capsule Just in Time is a connected object that manages the stock of coffee capsules and a mobile application that warns the user before the stock is empty.

    "Stay connected with your favorite coffee" is the first goal of Capsule Just In Time! team. The second is "Order your coffee capsules just in time".

    For an individual or small business owner, the Capsule Just In Time! manages time more efficiently. The smart phone application provides the user with an instant notification as to their order placement and/or delivery time.

    For a large company that utilizes multiple coffee machines, the Capsule Just In Time! optimizes capsule inventories and enables a quick turn around.

    We have created a transparent cube to compliment any counter space and may proudly display the company’s logo.

    How is working? The cube Capsule Just In Time! sits stop a connected scale calculating the number of capsules contained. On the user's smartphone, the application recevied data via Wi-Fi network and displays: the amount of capsules remaining, the date of the next order, and, the average consomption.

    For electronic, we have used a Edison card plus an amplifier, and a weight and temparure sensors and a display.

    Here is our video demo: Film CJIT - YouTube

    our web site: Capsule JIT

    our design and our concept enclosed

    Now we want to develop a fully automatic order connected object for people who haven't time to order, and reorder.