Smart Cover For a Smart Phone.

Version 1

    Silicone-Mobile-Phone-Cover.jpgWe all got cellular, and people like not just to use them as is  but to customise them, appearance,versions of os(android)

    and phone protectors and covers.

    Those customisation are limited to static covers with pics , colours and graphics.

    Mobile Platforms are very restricted, hardware ports are scarce and further limited by as hardware current and voltage restriction

    or an Intellectual property(IP).

    By integrating edison in a smart cover platform which interacts and communicate with the mobile phone

    we can achieve further enhancements:

    • Add features that are not present in the phone  like additional sensors.
    • Enhance it's abilities, better sensitive microphones, a secondary camera for 3D experince.
    • Target the smartphone to different sectors like children - add gaming capabilities, special buttons,light and sound effects
    • Offload tasks to a secondary processor thus freeing phone cpu and further parallel processing.
    • Further dynamic customisation,cover graphics  can be changed as easy aas background pics and animation.
    • Bypassing current phone limitation by enabling programmers and hardware manufactures and DIY freedom in choosing programming languages,dedicated ports and communicating with mobile phone via wi fi or bluetooth standards.


    Accessories for mobile phone are huge industry created by the need for to customise and enhance it capabilities.

    and phone covers are big branch within it.

    Adding edison computing  to covers is the next step in it's evolution.