Street work out

Version 1

    javascript:;javascript:;I would like to create an app to link  training and people.

    How does it work?

    Simple,You connecting to the app and choose from the list of workouts and other Sports activities(Soccer,Tennis) What training would you like to do.

    Depending on your location (close to home,maybe even on you vacation)  OR people interested in training near you.

    you meet together and start. the most beautiful thing is people can share accessories knowledge and even rate the activity.

    the long vision is to create a massive workouts all around the world bring people together and awareness,

    think of this you wish to get out and ride your bike, the farthest thing is to send a message to a forum and hope, here you get it live with much more exposure

    and its all around where you wish it to be.

    plus people that are coming with background can share workouts and ideas.

    in conclusion,

    this app can grow and touch many aspects in our life, lets give our community to take it up.