Version 1

    A square mini tablet with touch screen of approximately 4''.
    It will have an Aux and a Micro - USB ports and some other not yet decided special ports.
    It will come with a "cover" that is a stand and  special speaker that will go around it and will fit perfectly.
    It will also come with 8 additional screens identical to the product (and that's basically why it's a square) that will fit just like Lego's (with special magnets) and the user may built it how ever he wants, making it a tablet (or any other form of screen that will suit his needs),the Original use was for watching movies but you can use it to your liking (for example, a big alarm clock plus a weather guide or if you want to compare several different items you can stack the screens to your liking and show each one on a different screen.)
    Will come with a special gaming controller (will have the arrows and buttons on it for smoother play for more complicated games).
    It will come with several adapters making it:
    being able to check the electric current in a power socket (and in any device that have USB ports)
    read and play from Disk On Keys and memory cards.
    connect to your TV and making it a smart TV.
    Multi - pad.png




    Basically that's the idea.
    I'm not an IT expert or an engineer or code writer.
    So I don't know if it's possible or not, or how to build it.
    But I do believe that this product will revolutionize the market as it is today.


    Thanks for letting me share my idea.
    If you have any ideas or suggestions or questions you are free to ask.