Trak - Smart Music Tracker #makeitprochallenge

Version 2


    Trak is a wristband that remembers the music you enjoy in clubs and festivals and save it to your smartphone.


    Tired of drawing out your smartphone everytime the DJ plays a good song and you want to know its name ? Trak is designed to remember all the songs you dance on, you only have to wear it and turn it on.


    When you hear a song that you like, just double-tap Trak to set it as one of your favorites. And when you come home, just synchronize Trak with your smartphone, Tablet or your Computer to get the playlist of your night and export it to your favorite music streaming platform.


    Trak remembers your favorite songs but also allow you to know on which song you danced the most just in case you were too busy dancing to double-tap.


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