Connected Foosball Table

Version 4

    Hi everyone !


    i would to present the Black Fragment project. Black Fragment is an interactive and connected foosball table.

    This concept allows to play foosball with fun and sharing information, and I changed the existing product, let me explain :

    baby face.jpg

    We always play with a ball.

    we will place sensors under the game mat and into the goal will capture the movement of the ball and will broadcast via LED

    score on the game mat and the replay of the trajectory of the ball after the goal ! a little "show" to add to the friendly atmosphere

    of the game.


    babydessus 3quart.jpg

    babydessus replay.jpg


    We also want to develop a mobile app that will serve as a link between the player and the foosball table.

    This app will be used to broadcast pre-recorded audio playlists on his mobile and will also provide access to a tournament team

    function / player statistic function (team, points, scored%, etc ...)




    At this step, we have finished the design & mechanics development of the foosball table. We start the electronic phase and we

    would be supported on this stage. The use of the intel edison development system will help us over all this complicated step to

    implement !




    We are currently looking for a developer to help us in the development of the score display, goal detection sensor and for Audible parts.

    A person wishing to become involved in the project will be preferred. We will focus on the long-term partnership to help us develop the

    v1, v2, v3 future football.



    We hope to finalize the electronic development end of March to produce foosball tables end of August 2015 with a view to proposing the

    product to the future euro2016 soccer cup.


    Do no hesitate to contact me for more informations.


    Michael IMBERT