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    PiVeR, Photo, Video and Radio Broadcast Mobile Application


    Journalism has got great roots in history. Since the beginning of mankind, people are fond of circulating information in their respective circles. Any information that has been shared between a single and multiple groups of people living in a society is a form of news. In literature of journalism, a person who carries and spreads the news is a journalist. But the formal definition is different; it says, “An individual associated with any type of media through a documented and registered news organization or agency for the point of circulating news is called a journalist”. So in practice, only the individuals employed in Television news channels, news papers, radio and other news agencies are journalists. All other people living in the society are just listeners or customers of the news tellers.

    Piver is a smart phone application launched in order to change this culture of traditional journalism. Having taken enough of these news channels and news papers, Mr. Eric Chaim Messika launched his first smart phone journalism application called ‘PiVeR’. Coming for Photo, Video and Radio Broadcasting. The purpose of this application is to enable the users to be resource persons at the same time. This generation is now fed up of the television news culture where people find only the corporate influenced news rather than getting the truth. Piver enables its customers to share the happenings around them instantly on the media which are basically the sources of news. It’s a smart phone application that combines multiple smart phone multimedia and communication applications in one box called Piver. A best tool for all the individuals who want to become free lance journalists without the restrictions of obeying bosses that which news to put on and which one to put off.

    Piver is a utility for individuals who want to capture every moment and every happening around them. Just think of a person crossing the road hit by a car, a building caught fire in some marketplace, even a car breaking the signal, violence of any sort and street crimes, all of these instantaneous actions can be caught and uploaded in media using the utility of piver. Society’s level of awareness about their surroundings will progress remarkably.   




      Today’s news industry is widely dependent on sources like T.V and news papers for measurement of authentication of news. Computers may include in the list as well but only to the extent of web pages of those news channels or news agencies. Social media is another one of the biggest sources of news and information on internet but the information accessed through social media needs proper channeling. A number of software applications are already running on mobiles to process the information on social media as authentic news. The list includes The Ap Style, Voice memos, Camera plus, Google drive, Evernote, Genius scan, Radio free police scanner, Transcribe me, BeenVerified, Tweet Deck, Camera 360 and many other applications. All these applications are developed for making the lives of mobile journalists easy. As far as the present outlook of news industry is concerned, it is very much centered on TV and print media. But the future seems bright for internet and social media for accessing bunches of information and authentic news. Keeping the future prospects in mind, piver is developed with the included features of all of the above mentioned software applications. Piver is a complete package for a mobile journalist to capture record or shoot the information, then pass it through the editing phase and then uploading on the appropriate media centers