levels of urgency at mobile phones

Version 1

    hello, my project sounds really obvious and simple but i have'nt seen it so far so.. here it is:

    let's start from the end: my vision is that when i get a phone call- i'll see my cell's backround painted in the suitable color as the urgency of the call, for example: if my brother is looking for my really desperately and i'm in a middle of a meeting, i guess i want to take this call, but if it's just my mom checking if i'm fine, that can wait for later.

    this idea's main advantages are that it should be very simple to use (and optional)- the caller will only have to press a button and he'll be able to add a message if he'd like, ant the other thing is that it will be very very useful to lots lots of people around the world. for me personally, i can say i'm not a very busy person that spending the time in all kinds of conferences and stuff, and i think i'd find this app very very useful for me.

    i added a not really good drawing to show pretty much what i mean, sorry for the rush, but i think you can pretty much understand what i meant.

    good day to you all.