No money blikesef

Version 1

    Hi my name is Belo Ithzak.

    My vision is to provide shops and professionals a powerful tool to attract customers with great benefits/assumption given to the fasters customers without significantly increasing expenses of shops and professionals The object of the invention Website \ App \ Software etc ... really counts and displays the customers who bought a certain amount, an amount which entitles them any assumption accepted by the business owner. It also provides line numbers to the customers who bought the amount that was reqested in the deal.

    The application software displays near these customers count deal means that when the number of buyers will be according to X times bigger than their line number as buyers they will get the bigger assumption/benefit that it is the acceptable usual assumption that the business owner usualy gives dual X. This discount is actually given only to those customers instead of everyone so there is no additional expense to the business owner because of this deal. All deals are limited in time and end time of the deals is presented to customers.