Fully hackable Smartwatch

Version 2

    Hi there i have developed my own smartwatch using an arduino, but at the moment it is pretty slow and chunky. So i am totally fascinated by the Edison, it is small, powerfull and has BLE included so my watch would be overall better! Hopefully i can even reduce the power usage and have a longer run time.


    In my opinion this kind of DIY-watch is pretty usefull for makers: i have written lots of librarys so they don't have to worry about the low level stuff and the electronics is fully working! With a crowdfunded product there are even less obstacles: simply buy a watch (at the moment it will cost around 70$) and load my firmware or even develop your own.

    The software (firmware and android app) and hardware are fully open source (GPL) and available on Github (ToolboxBodensee/Arduino-Smartwatch · GitHub).

    Short Video of the Watch (earlier Version):

    Arduino-Smartwatch.mp4 - Google Drive