Edison EduCloud

Version 1


    Making your own 32 nodes cloud

    in High School class?

    Thats Awesome!


    For What?

    Learning Programing is fun right?

    But how to play with cloud using my first apps?

    What problems I should expect?

    How to scale?

    How PasS, IaaS or SaaS is going to be working for me?


    But How?

    Imagine 32x Edison, 2 Core Cloud Node

    Easily accessible in one PC like box.

    All with Networking between them.

    All with "Default Presets" Available.

    With ability to disable one, two or all nodes by simple API

    Or maybe only disable network for some?


    What's next?

    Upload your app, run it, play with it, hack it.

    Want to make your own network setup?

    Or maybe you want to play with micro service architecture for your apps?


    Sounds good to be an expert of cloud solutions

    while attending High School?

    Sure it is!