MobiBins IoT Ewaste Containers

Version 4


    Edison is a tiny computing platform designed for the Internet of Things, created by Intel to make it easier to build connected or smart objects using its Quark architecture. Intel has compared Edison in size to a postage stamp. Edison measures 35.5 x 25 x 3.9 mm.

    Value Proposition

    Anyone can make a smartwatch to monitor daily footsteps, but MobiCycle is developing a connected, internet of things electronic waste container that tracks devices through their end of life.

    How It Works

    Announce your presence to the MobiBin via our app, The Last App. The bin then unlocks to accept your electronic waste deposit. Later that day, the bin collector takes the waste. This collection is recorded via the collectors' biometric wristband. When the waste reaches the waste processing facility, employees decide whether to recycle or reuse the waste. This decision is communicated to the consumer.

    If recycled, they are told the facility at which their device was processed. If reused, they are told which charity gets the device. They also receive confirmation their device was wiped. They have the option of paying for deeper wiping/data deletion. The idea is the system will "nudge" 1.) consumers into recycling more, 1.) recyclers into being more transparent about their disposal routes and 3.) manufacturers into designing electronics for disassembly/reuse.