Vehicle passive safety system.

Version 1

    I would like to create a passive safety system that could reduce the number of car accidents. Many accidents could be avoided by maintaining a Safe Following Distance. Nowadays, there are many system that design to warn the driver in different dangerous situations. However, individuals who ignore the rules and thus, are most prone to accidents, are not likely to buy such a system. Therefore, this problem should be addressed by increasing the control of the responsible driver on its own safety during driving. This is the reason I want to try and build my own solution for this serious problem.


    The system would be assembled in the rear side of the vehicle and could calculate the speed of the vehicle as well as the weather condition. According to this information, it will calculate the minimal distance that should be kept from the following vehicle.

    The system would have a camera that will detect the distance between your car and the following car. In case that obtaining optimal following distance requires the following driver to slow down, the system will turn on the “Rear fog lamps” or blink with the regular “Stop Lights”.

    This will signal the following driver that you are slowing down, causing him to intuitively remove his foot from the gas pedal, thus,l reducing his speed and increasing “Following Distance” between him and your car.


    In additional to its main functionality, this system would also warn you if you get too close to another vehicle or other object when you are backing up.