ARTIXON <= Edison+Artix

Version 1

    Custom Hardware? No problem, just place Artixon below Edison and create your own Hardware that is loaded by Edison into Artixon.


    Based on Xilinx "All Programmable" technology - Artix Programmable Logic device.

    Need to generated 200 Mhz, 533MHz clock signals? Artixon

    Want to connect DSI or CSI2 peripherals? Artixon can do.


    Now its your imagination to has to fly - the software power is from Edison, the hardware by you and Artixon.


    2014-11-29 12_16_16-Altium Designer (14.3) - B__micromodules_TE0718_current_hw_pcb_ezon.Pcbdoc _ - e.png

    Does not look so cool yet, but there are: Xilinx Artix in CSG324 package, either A35T or up to A100T, serial NOR flash up to 128MByte capacity, local DCDC converters for the FPGA. Edison connectors top and bottom. And one extra connector for additional high speed I/O and 3.3V tolerant IO, the connector at the right in the picture.


    Artixon project will be published soon, we can not attach the project files at the moment.