Educational robotics platform

Version 1

      Just getting started with Intel fun.  My objective is to update the robotics platform used by our college (Rose-Hulman).  We use Python on the student computers to connect with a robot.  We build the robot.  At present we are using a BlueTooth connection to an iRobot Create.  We need to continue using Python programs on the student computers, but my hope is to use Intel Edison via a WiFi connection riding on top of a MiniQ v2 from DFRobot instead of the iRobot Creates with BlueTooth.  If anyone else has interest I'm open to working with others on the platform.  We open source all of our stuff on so it'll be an open platform.  Just in the planning phase now.  I'm a strong software developer, but have no knowledge yet about the Intel Edison platform (my Intel Edison box is still unopened).