Using intel edison development system for building a prototype of smart telemedicine #makeitprochallenge

Version 2

    Hi my name is Jaime Andres Rincon and this is my project using Intel Edison.


    Recent advances in high-tech programmable devices such as ARM processors and the new Intel X1000 Quark SoC and SoC Intel® 22nm have opened endless possibilities for building any type of devices that can be applied in any area. One of the many utilities for these devices is to build tools that help people. These tools can be in our homes, in our clothing or any accessories (Smart wash).

    A Smart wash not only have to be a luxury item that allows the user to know the time, or the state of the weather or internet access. The Intel processor Edisson would create this type of application, thanks to its small size, speed and most importantly connectivity to the cloud. Therefore we could create devices such as smart wash or smart wear that improve the quality of life of people. The aim of this project is to create a device to support people in the third age, based on the Intel development board Edison. This device could be implemented to keep track of activities, measure the heartbeat, recall the drug intake as well as falls or fainting products of domestic accidents or illness, and so far informing to the medical services for timely care.

    In the event that this project be selected in the top 10, a prototype that allow detection of heartbeat and fainting or falling using an IMU as capture unit would be built. The data obtained would show on a LCD screen and would be sent via Internet to the services concerned.

    This is a picture of my first prototype. I want the development board Intel Edison to give more services to my project. In this picture can you see a GSM module to give mobile communication, one IMU to capture inertial movements, a LCD screen to show parameters and RTC clock.