Ros on edison [Work in progress]

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    ROS installation on edison


    Thanks to bmwcarit there is a layer meta-ros for yocto : . But using it on a specific yocto plateform as edison is not straightforward. This document is made to gather my notes trying to build ipk and image.


    I'm currently building on debian wheezy.


    • TODO: finish to document the build of ros world
    • TODO: try to build an edison image with ros core/world installed ?
    • TODO: retry from scratch to document missing procedures


    Build without ros


    follow pdf (link ?)


    Missing instructions


    Building in a fresh lxc wget was not installed :

    apt-get install wget

    If not done configure git for your build user (else the build will fail):

    git config --global "John Doe"

    git config --global

    Clone additional layers


    # in edison-src/device-software :

    git clone git://

    git clone git://


    Build roscore

    # in bblayers.conf add the full path to :



    bitbake core-image-ros-roscore


    Build ros world [WORK IN PROGRESS]


    Add layer meta-python from meta-openembedded

    # in bblayers.conf add the full path to :


    Add Savannah mirror config


    Config from git openembedded-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf and device-software/openembedded-core/meta/classes/mirrors.bbclass . Not present in edison-src

    # in build directory :

    echo '






    "' >> conf/local.conf

    Not sure for the MIRRORS variable but *_MIRROR are mandatory


    Build cmake-modules (fixed in current master)


    I got a problem (dependency ?) to build bondcpp. Building cmake-modules first resolve the problem

    bitbake cmake-modules


    Build world


    Not yet fully documented

    bitbake core-image-ros-world