Altiris Lab Demonstrations in Combining In-Band and Out-of-Band Management with Intel vPro Technology

Version 7

    The following YouTube videos demonstrate some examples of combining in-band and out-of-band management in an Altiris environment.


    For those interested, the attached ZIP file contains the lab demonstration documents.


    The first lab is called "Power-on and Patch" - demonstrating how to power-on via Intel AMT, deploy software via Altiris, and then initiate a graceful shutdown.  All of this is accomplished via an Altiris TaskServer job.



    The second lab is called "Isolate and Patch" - building upon the previous Power-on and patch concept, this lab employs the Network Filter capabilities (i.e. System Defense) to isolate the client, deploy a patch while in isolation, and then restore the client back to normal network activity.



    The third lab is called "Boot Override" - providing the foundation on how IDE-Redirection can benefit an environment