Smart Home

Version 1

    I have an idea of implementing Smart Home using Edison board. This project will be used for home automation to control lighting, temperature and home equipment for an appartment.


    I had some experience with Smart Home using Microchip PIC microcontrollers, but these were too simple and low performance to implement all the features I had in mind and also required stand-alone PC which consumed much space and power. So I would like to try brand new hardware to finish the project.


    The most notable features of the project are:


    • Managing lighting and electrical equipment using IR remote control.
    • Voice control for all Smart Home features including its programming.
    • Voice-controlled audio player (a user can speak out audio composition name to play).
    • Using motion and presence sensors to control lighting.
    • Security features: continuous recording of video/audio, support for security alarm.
    • Remote control: Web-based interface, SMS notification/control, voice control over GSM network.


    I suggest using ordinary LCD TV with HDMI input for interfacing with the board or use LVDS LCD touchscreen panel.

    Below are photos of some power electronics I already have:



    In the attachment there are some project presentations.