Increasing the Root Partition Size

Version 1

    The following changes increase the root partition on the Intel® Edison development platform. The changes need to be made before building a custom image. For this guide, we are making the root size 640 MB, and the default root size is 512 MB. If the root size is increased over 640 reboot ota may not work.


    NoteIncreasing the root size may increase the Intel® Edison boot time.


    1. Download the Edison Linux source files.
    2. Decompress the source file:  tar xvf <file Name>
    3. Change directory to the extracted file: cd edison-src
    4. Open device-software/meta-edison-distro/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files/edison.env
    5. Go to the partitions= section
      1. Go to the partitions= section
      2. Find the partition labeled rootfs.
      3. Change the value to 640MB, the default value is 512MB.
      4. After the rootfs partition has been changed, save and close the file.
    6. Open device-software/meta-edison-distro/recipes-core/images/
      1. Find IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE.
      2. Change the value to 655360, the default value is 524288. This value is in kb and needs to match the value changed in step 5.
      3.   After the IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE has been changed, save and close the file.
    7. Continue building the image using the Intel® Edison BSP User Guide.