Inter i5 4670K shuts down my pc when any smartphone rings next to it.

Version 1

    My desktop PC ( bought on August 2013 ) was having unexpected shutdowns at random. After formatting, installing 3 versions of original Windows, replacing all the parts of the PC one by one to figure out was causing the problem ( psu, ram, motherboard, hard drive ) , one technician figured out when the shutdown is happening. It's happening when a mobile phone receives or sends a signal and it sits next to the case of the pc. The technician removed the case to find out what part of my pc was sensitive to the signal of the mobile phones. He started to make calls and put the phone next to every part of the PC. When the phone came close to the processor, the pc powered off. He did the same thing 5 times and all the times the pc turned off by itself when the phone was placed near to the back of the motherboard where the processor lies.


    I repeat that the problem was happening also with the previous motherboard and with the previous psu.


    Yesterday we changed the case of the pc and started to make calls to see if the new case was protecting better the processor. It seems it does but we will not be sure until some days will pass without any shutdown.


    So the question is :


    Is it logical that the processor is sensitive to the mobile signal and shutdowns the pc when a mobile phone reaches it at 10cm? In your labs in INTEL, have you experienced such a thing? Is my intel 4670K defective ?