Save the Date! Chandler EPIC (Explore, Play, Imagine, Create): February 7, 2015, Chandler, Arizona (10am-5pm)

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    This "EPIC" event will be sure to please the "Makers" out there, both young and old alike!  Right in Intel's backyard, historic Downtown Chandler is the perfect place for a gathering like this.  Collaborate with other Makers and then take some time to discover this 100 year old area of Chandler that truly is unique!

    Stay tuned for more EPIC details!  -- As promised, here are more details.  Intel is a sponsor of this event - come see us! 


    Chandler E.P.I.C. Festival – We Make!
    The Chandler EPIC Festival is a celebration of anyone and everyone who creates! The maker culture is full of hobbyists, tinkerers, engineers, programmers and people using new and unique technologies, as well as traditional forms of DIY to create something original and often times out of the box. They are making/creating to invent new prototypes and projects, and applying practical skills in a creative fashion.


    What is a ‘Maker’?
    A maker is anyone and everyone who creates. The maker culture  is full of people using new and unique techniques as well as traditional forms of DIY and creating to invent new prototypes and projects and apply practical skills creatively.


    What will the E.P.I.C. Festival include?
    The Chandler EPIC Festival brings out makers from all over the valley to share, display, and even sell their work (from garage tinkerers to entrepreneurial businesses launching their prototype ideas). There will be makers from across the board. Expect to enjoy displays, demos, food, beer, live music and many other attractions.