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    One of the biggest problems faced today is Parking. According to our survey at San Jose State University West Garage, more than 65 percent of students said they struggle really hard to get a parking slot. When we see a car leaving the garage, we come to a conclusion that there is at least one spot vacant. But where is it ? Will we be able to find it? What if the person behind us finds first? So wouldn't it be easy to just sit right into your car and  know exactly where the vacant spot is. Yes thats possible. We at Rapid Innovations have come up with a prototype cross platform App that will help the driver to know exactly how many vacant spots are available and not just that, it will even navigate them to those spot. Wouldn't this be cool. Just imagine the amount of time we will be saving rather than just circling around on each floor.



    In this project, for the vacant spot detection we are using Ultra sonic sensors interfaced with the Intel Galileo. The data will then be send on cloud and likewise to our cross platform application as seen in the figure 1. The cross platform Application  also has a feature of indoor navigation to take the users to their desired vacant spot.



    Figure 1: Block diagram of our Prototype



    ui_intel_design_3.jpgFigure 2: Sample UI of our Application





    As this project is both hardware and software based, our objectives are as follows;

    Hardware Objective:

    *To interface ultrasonic sensors with the Intel Galileo and see to it that they are not falsely triggered.

    *To interface visual indicators to show vacant and occupied spots.

    Software Objective:

    *To develop a cross platform application to receive data from Intel Galileo and likewise do the indoor navigation.



    Team Rapid Innovations



    * Siddhata Patil

    * Ken Shaw Chang

    * Ambrin Ali

    * Mikey X

    * Garrett Beleu