Smart Cut

Version 1

        The cooking process is not an unique one and most home employ the same routine when it comes to preparing food. The first step involved is the selection of ingredients and chopping vegetables. The second step involves the actual cooking itself. The proposed solution will reside even before the cooking begins. Presently, people select ingredients with no idea about their nutritional value. The only guideline is the labels on some ingredients about their nutrition. But as mentioned earlier, looking up labels or memorizing the nutrition information of every ingredient is tedious.


          Smart Cut is a IoT enabled “smart” chopping board. Almost every home uses a chopping board to chop their vegetables, so before the vegetables become a part of the dish being prepared, it resides on the chopping board. A chopping board is nothing but a plank of wood or plastic, it can be more though. There are tons of opportunities to make this plank of wood much more than a passive thing, there are microprocessors small enough and sensors accurate enough to make the chopping board a smart one. The smart chopping board will provide information about the nutrition of the ingredients without actually interfering in the process of cooking.