Spartan Anti-Theft System

Version 1

    "Approximately 5 bicycles are reported stolen every month at San Jose State University." The solution offered by Associated Students Transportation Solution and California State University Police is given in this link It mainly speaks about how to lock your bicycle in the manual “Lock it... or lose it!” Locking the bike correctly does not solve the root problem that is ‘Theft’. These locks can be easily broken. As a team of students from various departments such as Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Digital Media Art & Design, Business and Advertising we decided to make a product that would solve this problem. Using the Intel’s Galileo Board we want to come up with an ingenious solution.

    The Intel’s Galileo’s Board offers compatibility with various shields (attachment). One of the shields that grabs our attention is the LinkSprite 3G + GPS Shield for Arduino. This shield helps us to integrate the Galileo’s board with 3G and GPS that can help us to locate the GPS co-ordinates of the stolen bike. The bike can also send multimedia text messages through 3G. The Galileo board also offers numerous other interfaces such as the ‘PCIE’ that can be used to integrate a Wi-Fi module and ‘GPIO’ that can be utilized to interface sensors and actuators. A phone application can be developed for user’s authentication and interaction with the system. This will help the user to look up their bikes’ location from their phone. The user would be able to see through the application whether it is in the bike lot on campus, or moving through the city.

    With the help of our Digital Media Art & Design specialist the end product should be able to fit seamlessly beneath the bike’s seat. It can also be mounted to other locations such as the bike frame; all while looking sleek and stylish. Not only would the product be attractive, it would also be constructed out of strong lightweight materials; making the product as unobtrusive as possible for the average or hardcore bicyclist. Our Business and Advertising lead will then conduct a survey to discover which design is the most appealing as well as to find whether the product is marketable.

    Spartan Security.jpg

    Team Ace

    Jayesh Chhatpar - Computer Engineer

    Yash Parulekar - Computer Engineer

    Mahesh Binge - Software Engineer

    Kaoru Kishgami - Business and Advertising

    Laurence Simmonds - Digital Media Art & Design