Lenny intel Galileo autonomous robot

Version 1



    The aim of the project is create an autonomous robot which:




    1.Can navigate in house, create a map of the house and detect changes


    2.Look for the energy plug and ask for energy


    3.Patrol the house rooms when be asked


    4.Remember faces and avoid strangers


    5.Show basic emotional state and behavior according to context


    6.Communicate with the others robots in the house through light signals




    The architecture of the control system use three levels, each independent of the others but interacting




    NODE1: Motor control node with basic sensor-reflex motions based in Pololu Maestro servo controller


    NODE 2: A sensor node based in Arduino with access to more information about the external world and implement more complex behaviors


    NODE 3: A cognition mode based in an small SoC like Raspberry, PCduino, Atom-PC or in this case an Intel Galileo



    Node 1 is almost finished. Node 2 is waiting parts for the sensors. Node 3 I`m just starting to learn python and C++



    This is one of several robot Im do it, the advantage of Galileo is that it simplify the architecture because fuse in a single devices the Node 2 and 3. Maybe future version can implement ROS or URBI but actually is just Python with C++ libraries over NUCs or IntelEdison


    I will post pictures of the progresss