Cloud-based Remote-Controlled Web Camera

Version 1

    SJSU Intel Rapid Prototyping Contest Proposal, Fall 2014

    Galileo Cloud-based Remote-Controlled Web Camera

    Yaron, Arturo, Jorge, Isaac, Emil

    The product we are planning to build is a multi-directional, Android app-controlled, cloud-based, web camera. The Galileo will act as the hosting server for the camera, in order for the phone and the camera to communicate between each other via the cloud.

    We are planning to build this product for people who want or need an affordable, everyday, remote-controllable camera for business, hobby, security, or play. For example, a professional filmmaker or photographer may benefit greatly from our product if they want a camera that can be operated remotely, without the need of human operation on their equipment at all times. Likewise, a hobbyist or athlete attending sporting events or utilizing a GoPro camera during recreation, may, with our product, be able to record and control multiple angles of videos of the same event, anywhere on the landscape. A homeowner or small-business would benefit greatly by utilizing our product as a security camera for their homes and businesses, as well as mothers and fathers who could easily utilize our product as a controllable baby monitor and camera - with the added benefit of being able to view and manipulate the direction of the device from anywhere in the world with cellular service. There are many possibilities of use with our product, even if for pure recreation, play, or using our product to make other products that need a remote-control camera for them to operate.

    We see a high potential for our product being valued by it’s users because it gives them the ability to control their camera of choice from anywhere around the world, as long as there is cellular service. Our users would also value our product because it operates with a simple plug-and-play mechanism, with no software other than our application needed. Also, the product is extremely simple to use, affordable, portable, live-streaming, and easily controllable from any Android smart phone, from anywhere around the world with cell service.

    As far as our research and knowledge goes, nobody in the market has successfully implemented this idea, and phone-controlled camera products like this are very limited in scope and function. While remote-viewing cameras do exist, remote-control of a camera is not yet a feature widely explored and implemented.