Pantory: Sync your Appetite

Version 4

    pantory logo.png

    Project Name: Pantory

    Team: IntelAgents

    Members: Jake Pichel, Fred Sun, Chris Sawtelle, and Melissa Tran


    Placed 3rd in the Intel/SJSU Rapid Prototyping Design Competition which focused on design for user experience.

    Promo Video:


    App Design Concept:


    Pantory is a pantry logger that helps you manage the items stored in your pantry by allowing you

    to check your stock anywhere, at any time. Manual data entry is replaced with intelligent sensor

    technology that automatically accounts for items removed for consumption. In addition, integration

    with Cloud Technology provides users a snapshot of inventory which can be seen at any time, with any

    device capable of internet connection. Users can sync to an interactive interface that gives you recipe

    recommendations based on the ingredients stored in your pantry.


    Target Market:

    This product appeals to the busy professional, stay at home parent, restaurant managers, hungry

    students, and more– all of whom are interested in the convenience of tech oriented lifestyle. Support for

    most lower-middle class families and above.


    Product Value:

    Essentually never forget an item at the grocery store again. The smart pressure mats give opportunities for businesses

    to advertise to a target market. Big data can be used for research into how people interact with their pantry and the common

    household diet.


    Also includes many applications that are both convenient and user friendly. Lean, and cost-efficient

    compared to upscale professional food inventory systems that may cost thousands of dollars and

    require professional tech maintenance. Uploading pictures and recipes to the cloud allows for

    convenience and creates opportunity for dynamic social networking.

    The busy professional or stay at home parent rarely keeps track of the food in their pantry and often

    does their grocery shopping immediately after work. Since Pantory helps them see what food items are

    stored in their pantry at any given time, they will never have to mistake a grocery purchase again.



    MyPantry- Android App

    Pantry Manager, Pantry Partner, MealBoard, Grocery Shopping Checklist- iOS Apps

    Maitre’D's- Restaurant Inventory Management System

    MenuMax - Restaurant Inventory Management System