Monitoring system with motion detection and cloud connection

Version 2

    This one was about using Edison as a core of the motion detection system with webcam, which is also connected to Twitter, Google Drive, Xively and (of course!) can blink and beep too


    I've put some more details and photos into this blog post and put all the relevant files and some instructions into my GitHub repo, so you can reuse all or some of that.


    The project requires an OS image with Motion and uvcvideo module (or whatever your webcam driver is), so you'll need to build one. I'm also working on setting up a package repo, much like I did for Galileo, so that at least partially (uvcvideo requires kernel recompilation anyway) can be alleviated.


    EDIT 07-Jul-2015: I've put muchmore elaborated version of the process onto Instructables, check it out here: Edison monitoring system with motion detection, cloud connection and video streaming