Eat Well, Be Happy

Version 4

    Imagine that your kitchen can recognize and remember what you eat, and respond to your choices.

    This is what our project "Eat Well, Be Happy" does, where the grumpy cat will give you disapproval looks when you eat Doritos. The ambience of the space also changes with lighting responses.


    We use Edison to do several things, motion detection using a USB camera, recognizing objects using a web API (CamFind), controlling the movement of the cat, changing the Philips Hue lighting, updating web pages, and storing the food history.


    Check out the project in action:


    This is how to get the cat happy or grumpy:


    The idea of the project is to use the changes in the environment to persuade people make healthier lifestyle choices. We have too many things going on in our lives. We are not perfect and we can't remember everything. The idea is to use sensors to help us remember to have a healthier lifestyle and remind us with environmental cues.

    The project is written in Node.JS; I am not happy with the servo movements yet as you can see from the video (especially when it goes crazy when there are overlapping servo movements sent to the array). I will probably continue to work on the project even though it's official done now.


    Here I want to thank my multi-talented teammates to make this project possible:

    David Molyneaux, Perceptual Computing, Intel Corp.

    Dimitri Diakopoulos, Perceptual Computing, Intel Corp.

    Aleksandr Tereschenko,AlexT_Intel, Intel Corp. in Poland

    Also, I want to thank Alex Nguyen and Gowri Somanath for your help!