Overly Attached Gimbal (OAG)

Version 1

    Team Name: Team Sweet Salmon



    Product Description:

    A camera on a moving gimbal that tracks presenters during presentations. It can be attached to a tripod or on a rail system. Tracking capabilities will rely on openCV, and information of said tracked subject is pulled from the cloud. In addition, there will be an external Android App where you can manually move and adjust settings.

    When it comes to presentation recording, a team is needed to operate the mechanical aspects of the recording process. Directors, videographers, backstage hands and other stage managers are needed to run a production, presentation or performance smoothly. There can be several issues with having many people involved in this process. Costs as well as coordination issues can arise. In the movie industry, camera panning techniques are needed to get complex angles. A person who holds a camera may have to constantly readjust to get the correct shot. This takes time, skill and experience. Our solution to a reliable and professional recorded presentation is leveraging the technology of openCV to track facial recognition and through cloud technology, upload information on the focused tracked subject as well as manual controls and settings for the device.  An external app is an additional component to interface with the device.

    Targeted Users:

    Teachers, students, presenters, live event performers, actors, event host, webshow/content creation hosts, experimental projects.

    Value Proposition:

    • Doesn't need a person to physically move the camera
    • App to change motion tracking and facial recognition settings
    • All related data is stored and manipulated in the cloud, can be changed dynamically


    GoPro Gimbals, Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTracker 60, other motorized gimbals.