Missions and Badges FAQs

Version 2
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    We've been hard at work building a new points system.  You will now see Intel Community members with points, levels, and badges in their profile and other places within the community. We will try to spell out exactly what that means for you and what you can do to achieve more!


    Q:  Where can I find my reputation status?

    A:  At any time, you can click on the 'Your Reputation Activity' link located under 'Browse' in the header.  From the Reputation Center, you will be able to see your recent mission activity, open and completed missions, personal score within a forum and overall ranking.



    Q:  What are the point levels?

    A:  You can progress from Acolyte all the way up to Master over time.  Each level is based on how many lifetime points you've accumulated.



    Q:  How can I accumulate more points?

    A:  Start by checking out the missions in the Reputation Center.  The missions range from easy to very hard and points are granted in conjunction with the missions.  Additionally, you can receive points on an ongoing basis for standard community actions like answering a question, marking content as helpful or rating a piece of content.  The more you participate, the more points and badges you'll receive.  Oh and by the way, there are some hidden badges that will be unlocked once you perform certain actions in the community.


    We hope you enjoy the new rewards system and make sure to keep your Me in 3 section of your reputation populated with your 3 favorite badges.