Infrastructure Prep Checklist for Microsoft ConfigMgr

Version 12

    Use this checklist to ensure prerequisites are completed before deploying Intel(R) vPro(TM) technology in your enterprise.

    The following resources may be of interest in understanding the Intel vPro provisioning process within an Microsoft ConfigMgr environment:



    Microsoft Technical Reference Material

    The referemce material available includes the following:




    Refer to the Configuration Guide (listed above) for details on performing the steps listed below.





    Install ConfigMgr SP2

    Installed and configured to support Intel vPro systems.

    Install any SCCM hotfixes

    Required Software Bundles and HotFixes (KB’s) for System Center Configuration Manager

    Establish Active Directory OU

    The OU will store AMT objects for each vPro system that will be managed OOB.

    OOB Service Point

    Installed on Windows 2003 Server requires Windows 2003 SP2 with hotfix 942841\.

    Windows Remote Management

    Windows Remote Management (WinRM\) installed on each SCCM server that the OOB Service Point installed.

    Remote Configuration Certificate

    3rd Party Remote Configuration Certificate on each OOB Service Point to Provision vPro systems (e.g. VeriSign, GoDaddy, Comodo, and Starfield).

    Alternatively, you can generate your own Provisioning Certificate from your Enterprise CA. However, this requires you to manually enter the CA hash into the MEBx of AMT (

    You can find information on the certificate and order process at


    • Intel vPro and firmware of 3.2.1 or higher for native support from SCCM SP1 and later.

    • Intel HECI Driver installed on the OS (see OEM for latest driver).

    • Configuration Manager Client agent installed on each Intel vPro system to initiate the provisioning process (there are alternative methods available in the help file but this is the most effective method).

    • Intel vPro systems joined to the same domain as the OOB Service point provisioning and managing these devices.


    Open Intel vPro related network ports on routers and firewalls: 9971 - Provisioning Port; and 16992 through 16995 - OOB Management Ports.

    Firewalls Open

    Ensure that your network and client firewalls are open to allow traffic on port.

    16992 - AMT port for non-TLS communication.16993 - AMT port for TLS communication.16994 - AMT port non-secure SOL/IDER. Also used for Provisioning from SCS to AMT.16995 - AMT port for secure SOL/IDER.9971 - SCS port for communication from AMT machine during "Hello" packets (port configurable in ME/SCS Server).56666 - SOL-IDER port for communication.

    .NET 2.0 Installation

    .NET Framework 2.0 is a prerequisite for the installation of SQL Server or SQL Server Express, the Intel SCS Main Service, and the SCS console.


    For SCCM environments using .NET 1.1 and SQL2000, if a conflict of SCCM module support and .NET 2.0 exists.

    SQL 2000 or

    SQL 2005 Enterprise

    Microsoft SQL Server is used by SCCM to host their CMDB. The embedded Intel Setup and Configuration Service will also add the Intel AMT database instance to the same database location.