Signal Fish Tutorial: Wireless communication using XBee

Version 4

    An XBee is a wireless module that uses the ZigBee protocol for communicating to other modules inside of a Personal Area Network (PAN). In this tutorial, we will be constructing a pair network to communicate between our Galileo connected to an XBee, and a separate XBee connected to a distance sensor.


    Required equipment

    • 2 XBee modules (Series 2)
    • XBee Explorer USB
    • XBee Arduino shield or stand alone powered module
    • Intel Galileo
    • Mini USB cable


    To start, first download the free XCTU tool to configure your XBees:

    This tool is available for both Mac/Linux and Windows. XCTU is a graphical user interface used for configuring XBee modules.



    User interface of the XCTU software


    < IntroductionZigBee networks >

    Part 1: XBee configuration
    Part 2: Rig construction
    Part 3: Circuit