Migrate TI DSP to Galileo, possible?

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    I want to migrate a design from TI DSP chip to Galileo, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice

    1. debug power? Only println? How about watch window for variable? log print? Other IDE?

    2. floating point calculation ok? It is 400MHz. Should be faster than 330 MOPS/60 MFLOPS/30 MIPS right?

    330 Million Operations Per Second

    (MOPS), 60 Million Floating-Point

    Operations Per Second (MFLOPS), 30

    Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)

    3. Instead of one big ino file, can I separate the code into smaller files?

    4. I'm still reading document, but it has USB host sample file, server sample file right?


    Sorry for so many questions.