Intel (R)  HD Graphics 4600 gaming problems

Version 1

    I bought laptop HP Envy M7 j020dx  in USA because of its excellent views on bestbuy. It has the following specs:

    Microprocessor2.4GHz 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz
    Memory8GB DDR3L SDRAM (2 DIMM)
    Memory MaxMaximum supported = 16GB
    Memory Slots2 user accessible
    Video GraphicsIntel HD graphics 4600 with up to 1792MB total graphics memory

    M7 J-020DX.jpg

    I have last version of Direct X 11. Windows 8.1

    I don't need Crysis and new games on max resolution, I only need old games (Dead space 1, Dead Island, Silent hill homecoming etc). When I try to launch Dead Space  I can't because of error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)".

    error 2.png

    error 1.png


    For example, I can play Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4, but not Silent Hill Homecoming,

    Could you please help me?