how to build a BSP with uclibc based SDK on it for Galileo

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    pls follow steps in readme.txt to build a linux image with uclibc based developement tools on it, so you can compile c, c++ code on Galiloe directly. maintains thecompatibility with arduino sketch. however, since uclibs is a smaller lib than eglibc, so it may still not able to compile some complex codes. it I'v successffuly install PyBluez on my galileo board. I'm not sure how 'reliable' it is. you are welcome to give it a try and share the experence.  hopefully, there are some guys to make it 'reliable' further


    update: don't know why, but I found  'packagegroup-sdk-target' has to be appended as below. otherwise mounting /proc would fail.  attached file has updated for this observation.

    IMAGE_INSTALL = "packagegroup-core-boot ${ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE_BOOTSTRAP} ${CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL} packagegroup-sdk-target kernel-dev"