Business Success Stories

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    Want to see how products and technologies from Intel can help your enterprise meet its IT challenges? Take a look at what we're already doing for leading companies worldwide in these business success stories. You can find more like these on the Business Case Studies for IT Managers page. And for instant updates on the latest business success stories, follow ReferenceRoom on Twitter.


    Remote Management

    Capgemini: Demonstrably Persuasive

    Capgemini proves the value of Intel® Active Management Technology by demonstrating the viability of a host-based configuration that removes the complexity of traditional provisioning.

    DDIM: Reducing Workload for the IT Department

    SmartIT* enables Taiwan's Ding Ding Integrated Marketing Services to increase output while reducing workload for the IT department.

    DigiPoS: Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

    Intel embedded processors and chipsets help DigiPoS maintain its competitive advantage.

    ETC Cements Value-Add Distributor Status

    Intel® vPro™ Technology Lab and Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 vPro™ processors help ETC’s resellers maintain their market segment advantage.

    Fu Tsu Construction Builds a More Effective System for Computer Maintenance

    Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors complemented with SmartIT* enable Fu Tsu Construction to remotely troubleshoot and repair PCs while simplifying its IT asset management processes.

    Latrobe Community Health Service: Going Remote with Healthcare IT Support

    Latrobe Community Health Service turns to Intel® vPro™ technology to provide healthcare IT support to its geographically dispersed sites.

    MultiTouch Ltd.: Touch, Feel, and See

    Finnish LCD manufacturer MultiTouch Ltd. turns to the 2nd-generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor to help drive interactive display technology.

    Ohio Department of Transportation: Driving Safety and Savings with PC Refresh

    Ohio Department of Transportation uses new PCs with Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 vPro™ processors to modernize operations and save up to USD 5 million.

    Pepperdine University: Streamlining Remote Client Management

    Intel® vPro™ technology helps Pepperdine University enhance the efficiency of client system management and eliminate time-consuming desk-side visits.

    Siriraj Hospital: Simplifying PC Fleet Management with a Standardized Platform

    Thailand’s Siriraj Hospital goes full-scale into Intel® vPro™ technology to improve the responsiveness of its IT in helping to deliver medical care.

    Volkswagen Financial Services Taiwan:  Smooth Sailing for PC Management

    2nd-generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors paired with SmartIT* suite from Lightstar enables Volkswagen Financial Services Taiwan to manage IT assets and resources more effectively.


    Lockheed Martin: Fighting the Smarter Battle

    Intel and Lockheed Martin collaborate to extend secure, trusted data-sharing capabilities across the net-centric battlefield.

    Turk Telecom: Safety in Numbers

    Leading Turkish Telco turns to 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors to galvanize security for its large computer fleet.


    Delivering a Twenty-First Century Education with Intel® Solid-State Drives

    Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs) help three elementary schools accelerate learning by losing the lag in computer performance.


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