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    Certificate location:This section distinguishes the different AMT certiricates and where to put them and their corresponding private keys.


    Need a SSL Cert?  Looking for where you can buy.


    Here is a good article from TechNet that discusses required certs for vPro:



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    Comodo: Comodo is pleased to announce the availability of Pro Series SSL Certificates - designed for use with Intel vPro processor technology and Intel Centrino Pro processor technology


    Cisco ACS Certificate Configuration for Intel AMT


    Obtaining a Provisioning Certificate for Intel® vPro Platforms using OpenSSL Tools


    Intel AMT 3.2.1 Self-signed certificate issue work around guide


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    Intel AMT provisioning certificates, an alternative process to request and configure


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    How to procure and install a Verisign Cert for Remote Configuration on SCS


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    Remote Configuration Certificate Application Best Practices for Intel vPro Systems