Galileo Software Downloads

    Software package release version 1.0.4.

    See the Getting Started Guide for step-by-step information on installing the software.

    Important: Software downloads are also found in the release notes.

    Download the zip file for your operating system (OS). Each OS zip file includes the latest firmware so you can use the IDE to update your board.

    LinkSoftwareOperating systemIntel boardFile sizeFile type
    DownloadArduino Software 1.5.3Linux 32 BitGalileo145 MB.tgz
    DownloadArduino Software 1.5.3Linux 64 BitGalileo149 MB.tgz
    DownloadArduino Software 1.5.3Mac OS XGalileo112
    DownloadArduino Software 1.5.3WindowsGalileo159 MB.7z


    Additional downloads:

    LinkSoftwareIntel boardFile sizeFile typeNotes
    DownloadSD-Card Linux ImageGalileo48 MB.bz2Enable Wi-Fi
    DownloadBoard Support Package (Yocto archive 1 of 2)Quark1.2 GB.bz2
    DownloadBoard Support Package (Yocto archive 2 of 2)Quark774 MB.bz2
    DownloadIntel customized Arduino IDE 1.5.3 (source code)Galileo376 MB.bz2The source code to the Intel customized version of Arduino IDE 1.5.3.
    DownloadBSP Patches and Build InstructionsGalileo9 KB.bz2Instructions on how to build the Intel® Galileo run time image from the Quark™ BSP release 1.0.1, including Intel® Galileo specific patches.
    DownloadFlash Missing PDAT ReleaseGalileo8 MB.binThis image is for In-System-Programming of the Intel® Galileo SPI flash, using a tool such as a DediProg SF-100. The file must be prepared with the SPI flash tool in the Quark™ BSP with the platform ID of the Intel® Galileo or Intel® Galileo Gen2 and the MAC address from the sticker on your board.
    DownloadFlash Missing PDAT ReleaseGalileo7 MB.capThis image is already embedded in the IDE; therefore it is only necessary if you need to flash SPI directly via serial connection.
    DownloadCross Compiler ToolchainGalileo235 MB.bz2Cross Compiler Toolchain.


    For older versions of the software and images, visit this link.
    Note: As Intel is committed to providing support primarily for the latest software and images, we offer access to these older versions for your convenience only.